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you’re it! lyrics – wookiefoot

you’re it!

by the waters edge
the current running swift
she sat down for a minute trying to catch her breath
and she said “why am i so alone?”
“why are we all so alone?”

the floods came and divided us long ago
n-body knew how to to swim,
stranded on islands of their own
she said “i will no longer cling
to this sh-r- of isolation any more”
and she jumped on in

in the current pulled and twisted
knocked on rocks and flipped and lifted
rolling through rapids feel like drowning
head is pounding light surrounding

starting to float
starting to float
drifting with the current learning not to control

there’s no way out – but there is a way in
there’s no way out – but there is a way inside
with the sh-r-s of her homeland drifting out of sight
she had never seen the constellations burning so bright
new islands coming up over the horizon
find surprisingly not frightening
heart and mind filled with excitement
spirits rising, spirits rising

all the people rushed down to the sh-r-
and they said who is this child who’s not afraid anymore
please come teach us, come and save us
free us from all that enslaves us
show us how you learned how to do this
please o master help us through this

oh she just smiled and said my friends
i am not savior, i would not try to pretend
that this is some kind miracle
but i know where to begin
you just gotta jump in!
you just gotta jump in!

there’s no way out – but there is a way in
there’s no way out – but there is a way inside

and sometimes you’ll find yourself adrift
and sometimes you’ll be adrift and find yourself

cuz you’re it!

- wookiefoot