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the journey to the east (旅立ち〜東へ) lyrics – z. konketsuji

[verse 1]

was coolin’, had too much up on my mind that week
craving a new world, to escape from all the lies and deceit
told my n-gg-s, “let’s dip out, because my mind is weak”
my homies said, “you need to chill, throw mental ills up to the tree”
said, “two huffle puffs of that potter make you think you a wizard,”
“i got a world in front me and in my mind, it’s bigger”
i left the boys, i left the noise, and went up off my steps, and ended up in neo-tokyo claiming a new set…

[z. konketsuji]

it’s crazy… i got off that plane
and i was so tired, but still so excited, you know what i mean?
i’ll never forget walking around tokyo that next day
i hit up every bape store speaking sh-tty j-panese, man…
i never thought i’d get that chance
never in life
i was in f-cking j-pan…

[verse 2]

harajuku chikaine
meiji dori no tonari ni
the neighborhood was so quiet, and all i felt was that summer breeze
went all of the way to shibuya
the streets and subway was so clean, then mister fudatzkee introduced me to the r-rated team
tokyo was warm and welcoming, keisatsu too
had never been greeted with bows from all the boys in blue
oh it’s true, people been persecuted and casted out
but in comparison to my origins, tokyo was peace acted out…

[z. konketsuji]

i never felt that kind of peace before…
that kind of love before…
maybe it was part fascination or appreciation… from both ends…
whatever it was, it felt good as h-ll
but, i don’t know…
i knew it got deeper…

[verse 3]

questioning, i ain’t hear no questioning
all i felt was regurgitation or imitation, no mentioning
of all the flaws and pit-falls of being closed off from new things
critical thinking was losing
i rarely witnessed the musings
the ignorance was burrowed in shallow appreciation, and amongst the peace i felt small progressive partic-p-tion
a culture we see as being rich in history and the art still couldn’t see that healthy perception had fallen apart
hanami all around me, beauty enshrouded my surroundings, they complimented all of the women that viewed me as astounding
but i was questioning the motives as a figure new
to all who witnessed and questioned me for my ethnic roots
’cause foreigners are foreigners, no matter what
to most who dwell in the rising’s sun’s xenophobic clutch
still feel a love, and yeah it’s love, although it’s form is different
still in love with the peace i felt, but want a changing system…

still in love with the peace i felt, but want a changing system
want a changing system… yeah

[z. konketsuji]

by the time the sakura began to blossom, i had a firm grip on where i was
i felt gifted so much and yet, felt a detachment from reality
so many new things to appreciate but, so much missing

- z konketsuji