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the backpack song lyrics – sean price

it’s all about weed, stacks, and guns
deep raps and guns
everything always lead back to guns
n-gg-z talk hip hop all the time
throw a clip in they glock
and make ya hip hop with the nine
sean is a savage
gun da grimey crunchy and stuff
probably, dine on swine if i’m hungry enough
please! whatever is good
is whatever that’s hood
come through with a new whip,
leather and wood
n-gg-z like, “where the backpack sean? ”
don’t worry about it
just back the f-ck up, fore i clap that cross
n-gg-z, sound the same
they ain’t nothing they lame
so i cut my dreads off and used my government name (p!)
yeah, that’s my word to enlighten
you not peepin my words
you herds is deserving my fire
f-ck around and get popped in the grill
i’m outta here
but ya’ll motherf-ckers know there ain’t no stoppin until

it goes

[chorus: x2]
tell them hoes, tell your moms, tell ya son
ruck be f-cutting 151
hottest bag poppin since rap magazines
big guns and sh-t, extra magazines

- sean price