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swimming alone lyrics – liz rose

it was a crawdad spring in a gr-sshopper song.
i had a dime store daddy and a paperback mother.
sister had boyfriend, and brother’s playin ball.

n’ i was raisin myself the last of them all.

so i jumped in, closed my eyes.
there was a party goin on with n-body home.
nowhere to find me, or lookin to find me,
i was outside in the backyard swimming alone.

i was a california dreamer in a hot texas town,
and i was too young to drive but i still got around.
climbin out of windows just to get stoned
out there on the edge swimming alone.

well i jumped in, closed my eyes.
i was always running away from home.
but on my side was my heart open wide.
i learned how to survive swimming alone, yeah.

i’ve had friends and lovers and so many others
i’ve had a lot of good deals and plans that i broke
sometimes you get burned but that’s how you learn
when you’re out there in the world swimming alone.

so i jumped in, closed my eyes
don’t bother calling cuz i won’t pick up the phone.
baby don’t mind me, you know where to find me.
i’m outside in the back yard swimming alone.

i’ll be outside in the backyard swimming alone.

- liz rose