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supersonic sex machine lyrics – steel panther

i’m the cyber-sl-tty s-x bot made of steel
i am programmed to make all the b-tches squeal
i’ve got gluteus of aluminum and circuit board abs
i’m impervious to hackers, chlamydia, and crabs
i’ve got an extra dong for double penetration
just squeeze my b-lls and activate vibration
i can f-ck all night if you want me to
then you can p-ss on my receptacle
and suck my load of cyber-goo
super sonic s-x machine [x3]
i’ve got bionic b-lls attached to vacuum tubes
micro ducts emitting flavored lube
degauss my memory for no regret
i’ll paint your house and wash your car and light your cigarette
i’m a
super sonic s-x machine [x3]
i’m coded for performance – but i’m missing something real
you’ve helped me become human – you’ve shown me how to feel
the elders of the science, shall breed a master race
but we can live in freedom – let me j-zz upon your face
i am engineered to cuddle until dawn
you can activate my sleep mode when you’re gone
your ultimate pleasure’s the reason i exist
from shopping malls to ben wa b-lls a finger to a fist
i’m a
super sonic s-x machine [x3]
that’s what i am!

- steel panther