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sugoi lyrics – shingo!

hi my name’s shingo and i .. i guess i’m a rapper , 3sa

[verse 1 : shingo!]
young n-gg- gon come through with the clip , you was talking sh-t but you the 5th round pick , hair so nappy i really need a pick , on a skateboard i can do 50 tricks , b-tch so nasty she been on 50 d-cks , i’m the grim reaper when you see me you gon sh-t , you snitched on my n-gg- you a f-ckboy , yo b-tch so h-rny she playing with a s-x toy , yo b-tch so nasty a to the next boy , 3sa you can’t f-ck with us yet , you ain’t gotta mixtape ? oh n-gg- bet , gta military based steal a jet , ps3 n-gg- yea my name’s wzijet , check it in my email , check it on my chest , red dot right in the middle i’m the best , never really liked him gotta bullet proof vest , listen to my n-gg- surf his verse next , i’m on the internet while i’m on the game , i’m just google but ya’ll f-ck n-gg-s lame , i can keep a girlfriend piece it’s a shame , hitman push a p-ssy n-gg- on the turf , i’m done listen to my fye n-gg- surf .. aye , 3sa

[verse 2 : surf]
uh! pick it up from shingo , i’m bout to go beast mode , n-gg- f-ck silver , 3sa we gold , looking through the peephole , looking for the money , sippin’ on some ice tea gotta have some honey , i just gotta haircut like my n-gg- swan , i’m the mouse like jerry runinn’ from that n-gg- tom , look no flex , ima [?] bomb , f-ck [?} , 3sa winning , what the f-ck you thought ? , catch me on the sidewalk runinn’ from the thoughts , wait for track season ima f-cking hawk , if you f-cking with my girl then you might get shot , they said we wouldn’t make it but we already did , n-gg-s looking for me but a n-gg- off the grid , ima dolphin but i can turn into a pig , i be up at walmart stealing all the [?] , my shoes are adidas , i’m in a priest , sippin koolaid on my way to the [?] , ain’t n-body gon defeat us , we always gon win , she want my autograph wait let me get a pic , they say i look delicious , ball like i’m pippen , n-gg- get dirty like some motherf-cking dishes , surf’s in the wave now i got you n-gg-s slippin , ya girl love us cause the way that we spittin , every beat i’m on i rip it , every bug i see i’m gonne k!ll it , going to fast i need a ticket , playing defense like a motherf-cking pickett , b-tch braid my hair like that n-gg- xzibit , surf drop bars like at&t , 3sa the team , don’t play with us , punch you in the face if we see you in the cut , when i ball hard i got sweat in my b-tt

yeah , it’s 3sa the team , its 3sa the mafia … f-ckboy

- shingo