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straight music lyrics – sean price

why you wanna f-ck with me, fam?
i’m tryna live a square life, you wanna f-ck up my plan
under a bus, f-cker, i’ll throw you under a van
throw the van in reverse and then i’ll do it again
grand theft auto, the man with the sket also
two turntables, a tec that’ll touch torsos
n-gg-s thinking that the family sweet
run up on ruck you’ll get beat with hands and feet, n-gg-
kimbo slice and a slice of jim kelly
thing go pop and it enter your thin belly
f-ck being humble, i’m better than everybody
melancholy n-gg-s get hit with a heavy shotty
dumb f-cks don’t know how the rules go
young pups can’t f-ck with the cujo
you bark better than you bite
yeah, i bark, but i’m better when i fight
some of the nicest n-gg-s in the game is friends
if i do a song with ’em then the friendship’ll end
spitting the raw, ignore rugers
that n-gg- frauds like jean claude and broad movers
east coast n-gg-s, west coast n-gg-s
i eat most n-gg-s with the sket close, n-gg-
i make you mad you livin’
f-cking with sean price, that’s a bad decision
i was once f-cked up, from the ash i risen
a lot of fights, almost got slashed in prison
money on my head, you can ask my imam
this rap is a actual fact that’s written
i’ll f-ck a n-gg- up, but if cash is given
i will split a n-gg- head, call it bad division
i dismember your memory, holmes
dedicate this to timothy stone

- sean price