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skin lyrics – xxxtentacion

[verse 1: xxxtentacion]
there she was with the blade in her hand
scars on her skins [?]
she’s played this part for as long as she’s known
regret for a heart as a love is her home [?]
she’s learnt to be p-ssive but such is a loss
accepting defeat when i foreclose the cars
for her this was needed to be rid of the pain
you play the victim, i’ll play it sane [?]

[verse 2: xxxtentacion]
offense or defense, p-ssive or violent
i’ll cut my wrists till my heartbeat is silent
with the sh-ll in my hand [?]
shots in her body until she is a [?]
stomp out that f-cker his death will be slow
you made me do this just as far as you know
if you don’t exist then my pain can be rid
so i…

- xxxtentacion