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refrigerator p! lyrics – sean price

[verse 1]
it go, nice rap and mic tyson fans, no
tight fashion, might jack sedans
dancing machine
adamantium rapping regime
the sh-t you holding is dead colon cancer the cream
the slugs move everything around me, s.m.e.a.m
huh? what the f-ck that mean?
kick over the kids stroller n-gg- ruck that mean
mean gene okerlund spoken the word of kareem
so sacrilegious with the word rhyme gestures
sold crack to b-tches in their third trimester
you know how it go
you know my flow dope ala héctor lavoe
never catch p on the girl song
i smack sh-t out your “we are the world” song
get a hater scary
my defense intense refrigerator perry

[verse 2]
shot somebody fam, clapped the nine
lock my body, can’t trap my mind
raps divine father, father divine i
conversate with the congregation that’s relating with mine
you new to the one, two
can’t escape your fate
great who can i run to?
true, words of nerds don’t hurt me
half man half machine, the team’s murphy
on and on ’til the break of dawn
making shaun mad she like, “dad f-ck making songs”
n-gg- the gun out
gun pop and one cops say, “n-gg- done gummed out”
get a hater scary
my defense intense, refrigerator perry

lock my body, can’t trap my mind
lock my body, can’t trap my mind
my defense intense, refrigerator perry
i’m a hardcore hip-hop artist
i am, what i am
and that’s what you get when you listen to sean price
that, you know what i mean?
i’m not trying to reinvent the wheel
this is what i do
you wanna hear that kinda sh-t?
you best to f-ck with me, ’cause i’m the best there is at what i do

- sean price