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quieter these days lyrics – the passage north

i’m sorry if i’m quitter these days
it never seems to go the way i planned
i took your hand

and muttered something senseless
in my defence like
“i just need more time”

you looked down and sighed
i tried to study your eyes
then you whispered
“wake up, wake up
you’re not where you need to be
and if you were
you’d not think of me”

we’re so different from last year
the sun took it’s leave and
left us the evening to remember ourselves
the moon reflected as i
projected my feelings on you
or maybe that’s an excuse
and we’re ignoring the truth

then you shouted “wake up, wake up
you’re not where you’re supposed to be
cos if you were you’d not think of me”

so, it’s keeping me up
and the come down just felt so abrupt
my hand’s on my heart when i sleep
cos awake, can’t seem to feel it beat

i keep looking over my shoulder
and i can’t cope
you should have seen the look when i told her
and from every glance that you gave me
and every word you spoke
there’s something that keeps you here

- the passage north