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quiet storm ( freestyle ) lyrics – versedi

(verse 1 : versedi ) :

yeah let me tell the story from below
let me grab that mic yeah putting rhymes in row
lil guy wanted f-ckin do the most
not takin loss gettin one day a boss

grownin without mama since bambino
im thinking bout justice when im drinkin vino
my life all in seems casino
im getan all this money wit ma n-gg- nino
missed calls from my hoes from portofino
1k for ma shoes f-ck valentino
f-ck valentino
1k for ma shoes f-ck valentino

rip my brothers tryna livin n-gg-
figure out gets tricky confusing n-gg-
this dumb sh-t around us blinding n-gg-
still asking why my gl-sses versace n-gg- ?

i had to loose, i had to hurt , i was at my worst
mama wondered why things ain’t so nursed
or calm it first, i tried to be jealous once
but fortunately it didn’t work

everyday so many suckers boy gettin murked
all thes fake friends stayin good dyin first
double cups sipping on the heny , blowing purp
workin hard my hands never gettin hurt
gettin panic seen these n-gg-s in these mini- skirts
so many days i ain’t eatting was losing taste
so many people i knew feeling double-sp-ced
1 blessing 99 problems know the dirt
i know the dirt
b-tch i know the dirt

they tripping cuz ma iphone color rose gold
thats why my heart getting all cold
been broke for moment start selling gold
university i did it for ma grandma doe
my mother told me read these letters bold

got that ak wit the hollows , bruddas vamos
n-gg-s from lagos wallowing talkin gabos
n-gg-s dreaming mobbing like the n-gg- ralo
ain’t talkin bout the city burkinia faso

took you for ice n-gg- thats a penalty
guaranteed gon remember me my enemy
my gun sounds really like its melody
timpani , catch a felony , savagely
i lose so many friends n-gg- in front of me
we suckafree, you wanna be , you under me

mmmhhh you under me ,mmmhhh you under me

ain’t no real hitters you got anthonies …

- versedi