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quick lyrics – f l a c o

[verse: flaco]

front yard
pull up like an animal
tough guy
runnin like an antelope
waist side
aimin at your cantaloupe
full of that
california antidote
rollin up the petro
yellow gold ring on feeling like sinestro
let’s go
flexin in a new pair of prestos
i’m the rappin’ deathstroke
stacking up the pesto
my n-gg- i roll the blunt real fat like a textbook
i don’t ever p-ss it like westbrook
i don’t never p-ss it like a.i
put it in the coffee grounds to hide from the k9s
i kept it cool
kept it g
makin moves exceptionally
rep my team
se la vie
timtom on my hat and tee
where are you
where were y’all
didn’t show love to a n-gg- at all
didn’t show love till i got on a blog
f-ck the pd
i don’t f-ck with the hogs
they shut the door right on a n-gg-
i’m pullin a b&e
i hit record and light that b-tch up like a stick of that tnt
sleepin on me like a b&b
i roll the dice like it’s d&d
i see no n-gg-s like cmt
easily better than he and he and he and he
shoulda believed in me
im the goat
in a coat
i can’t pr-nounce
at your house
with an ounce
of that sh-t that melt you to your couch
oh lord i’m the illest out
compet-tion trynna feel us out
we the fearless and weirdest out
i’m idealist but the realest out
look at my stance
look at my glance
look at my vans – b-tch
look at my pants
look at my fans
turn into stans – b-tch
oh no slide up on you dolo
like apollo ohno loco with the vocals though
taking photos with the locals on the lowlow you a bozo
that’s a nono bro
sean connery b-tch i rep the league
starting for my team b-tch i’m jeffrey teague
when it comes to weed i have no fatigue
lyin out teeth yes i will indeed
pull up quick 24x

- f l a c o