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questions lyrics – alex mcquade

why is everyone else so lame
except the ones who understand you
why do people think that playing games
makes them better than you
why is everyone just so normal
while i’m so paranoid
why do i think that
everyone is out to get me
why do i believe that
everyone will forget me
when will people
stop judging me
when will i
grow up
when can i
stand up
when did i
do this
when will
i stop the drama

i have a million questions
and there are no answers
i wish people would be themselves
and stop being standard

what is the meaning of life
if thats the question everyone asks
what is the point of bullies
if everyone knows who is behind the mask
what is the reason for being normal
if people can know you differently
what is the meaning of talking
if n-body will listen to me
what is the reason to fear
if you fear too much like me
where did the fun go
it felt like moments ago
where did my mind go
i think i lost it talking to typicals
where did you go
you act so different now


- alex mcquade