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quest lyrics – rome fortune


[verse 1]
the f-ck is wrong with your -ss?
you think i’m a poet?
naw my n-gg- i’m just rhyming ’bout the sh-t i go get
waiting on my lonesome
always on some so-solo sh-t
happened in the street
chances are lolo did it
hold on ho, hold on
i said
trials on these hoes, trials on these hoes
i got that b-tch brand new
put some miles on these hoes
she said she wants money
so i dolls up these hoes
give ’em to your n-gg-s
putting miles on these hoes
typical n-gg-, flip a few figures
you said that you with her
what’s her elixer

[musical break]

[verse 2]
i said
the f-ck is wrong
the f-ck is wrong
you patronizing
i’m on these hoes
i’m on these hoes
cause that’s my livelihood
i mean
every hood i’ve been
they recognize it
lips i’ve see
i get some green n-gg- they realize it
cook meals for a n-gg-
cook meals for my n-gg-s
ask rick or ceej or me or rich of sh-t my n-gg- villain
i love the tw-t
and i love the shower
most importantly
real sh-t to me
is i love the guap
this is something i know
i’m just playing my role
every chick that i knew
helped me get to my goals
thank daddy for (?)
i’m on a quest to find me some balance
i’m on a quest to find me some palace
imma just find a heart for me to manage

i said
this is something i know
this is something i know

- rome fortune