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queen ting lyrics – sa-roc

[verse 1]
came out the gully with fulanis and a scully on
i used to run tough with the gods and some h-llions
never crossed the family on the word of a civilian
that’s why they call me dedan(the don) like mau mau rebellions
voice honey coated, lil bit of gravel in it
for them cl-ssic rhymes with a lil bit of savage in em
i ain’t new to this profession, i’m established in it
any challenge to the status quo would be a cataclysm
cuz i’m -ssata with the good hair-9 ether
i have em p-ssing lemonade when i arrive eager
my mediocre is lee iacocca, i ceo sh-t
‘fore i come up out the a cl-ss like a ivy leaguer
pineal on a 100 like i’m benjamin
i am 1/2 outcast, 5/10s granite
fully liable to crush an mc mid sentence
crystals crusted on my wrist with the tint salmon
queen ting

[verse 2]
every time i come through, 10 maroons-pull up
watch the dj, when mi chune done he soon-pull up
cuz i’m a rockwilder, child of mean streets and crack houses
now i break bread in lagos with some sharp hausas
this for alton, sandra bland, my man malcolm
tried to bury us, but they forgot we stay sprouting
pedigree is incredibly star studded
that’s why you probably find me bathing in tubs that’s claw footed
forget the profit, here to be the next prophet
writing scriptures in a villa that’s moroccan carpeted
i floss imported ensembles of brocade
from villages hard to pr-nounce, harder to locate
only -ssociate with rebels and comrades
cause society frightened by my melanin contrast
still rappers sell their soul for a h-lluva contract
roc don’t ever compromise but she will settle for combat
queen ting

- sa roc