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que sera lyrics – merkules

[intro: prada west]
yeah, yah

[verse 1: prada west]
lost in the world full of hate and despair
and lately i swear, it’s worse then ever, so i’m always stayin’ aware
it’s never fair but still i pray it to work and one i’ll be first
and that’s for sure before i’m dead or layin’ in dirt
look, i got the will to succeed, my expectations are vast
high cl-ss, i’m still in the leads, seem
you ride or hustle just to make it in life
yeah, a helping hand is nice but can’t be takin’ it twice, ah
i’ve seen some people come and go and slowly fade away
it’s sad to say but i keep livin’ life like day to day
through all the pain i paint a pretty picture, listen close
my sk!ll are tightin’, all these chumps are hearin’ missin’ most
life’s a b-tch and then you crook, so i be smokin’ heavy

- merkules