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quayamat lullaby lyrics – nafarmaan

open thy wretched eyes
the hour of penance has arrived

clouds blacken the azure sky
as israfil sings his wretched lullaby

the horns of doomsday
shatters the feigned light
pseudo prophecies made flesh
adorned in the stench of death

quayamat lullaby
dirge for mirth, peace and joy
quayamat lullaby
dirge for mirth, peace and joy

don’t dare close your eyes
dark realms the other side
mortals smothered in entrails
breathing in their own blood

shackles bind you in fear
it could all be a lie
mere words of my promise
kills you in a thousand cuts

blind b-st-rds of the father
succ-mbs to the breath of perdition
adorned in the blood of the lamb
painful descent into oblivion

‘neath the blackened sky
the lands drenched in holy blood
enslaved by evil
resurrecting victims of the blood

feel the beast gnaw at your flesh
crushing your bones in every breath
embraced in anguish and chagrin
you wish to be blessed with death

fruits of serene gardens
from the scriptures of bliss
gave birth to a curse
begetter of eternal torment

eternal torment…infernal torment

- nafarmaan