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quarter century lyrics – kosher abz

[verse 1: abz]
me and my n-ggas trying to get it
jackpot trying to hit it like that chick you keep on thinking about
i’m sitting on this couch just
writing rhymes watching -n-log clocks
thinking about full middle east catalogs than done flopped
now will i be one of them?
or am i going to be that n-gga that beat the whole region?
have my own season
i’ll just keep grinding till they have no reason for me not to be on
and have reasons for me not to be gone
i want to go to award shows with all the fake rappers
chill with plastic models and bang with n-ggas claiming they’re gangsters
it’s just this dream that i have
derived from all the movies that i’ve seen in my past
i guess i’m trigger happy
no trey songz but the way i’m putting work in even make it seem like jigga slacking
sounds of disgust for that line
swear to god i’m too real even make it seem like nasty lying
no knock

[verse 2: abz]
i tried to give this to my city but they wouldn’t take it
gave it to dubai
where n-ggas do buy when i sell
see it’s a whole other level of clientele dedicated to n-ggas that said i’d never excel
plans to do numbers on excel sheets
where the boy always driven like these highway streets
f-ck dreams of running the city
this affirmative action
sleep subtracted from the fraction
fracture this game just to put it back together
live enormous and die never
i don’t dream i just make sh-t happen
i don’t get tired homie all this here been a habit
see the crew a bunch of rabbits in a turtle race
all your beats and studio time been a total waste
impatience got majeed and fleez telling me to move in pace but i keep on skipping steps f-cking up connects
now like the desk in math cl-ss they can count on me
i ain’t going nowhere till i take homies
i dont take no word even if it’s a og
cause even them n-ggas nowadays ain’t none of them real
i swear to god man
got sucked into this fasad fam
just doing sh-t because i can
but if a chick a b-tch i swear to god i’ll leave her alone
i ain’t got no more time to be saving these ho-s
f-ck all that n-gga

- kosher abz