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princess kesha lyrics – kesha

la la la la la la
lala la lala lala
ok, f-ck it!
oh oh oh yeah

time to get the day going dressing up to the nines
yo critter crew
(say what?)
make princess ke$ha look fine
add a little pinch of magic from my fairytale life
and off we go, oh-oh-oh-oh

look in the mirror rub my eyes and what is this
some genie sl-t smiling back
suck it b-tch!
yo mister racc–n p-ss the jack
i need to rinse
trim it, prim it, dress it, mess it

yeah now that my sh-t

i’m getting ready so nice-ice-ice
it’s kinda cool i gotta robot voice
(check this sh-t out!)
no mirror lady b-tch can deny
i’m getting customized, customized, customized right
karate ya!
i’m getting ready so d-mn pumped up
what up, mouse?
even with this wedgie riding up my b-tt
thanks to mister crow you sneaky little f-ck
i’m getting customized, customized, customized right

puh-lease b-tch!
a touch of glitter on my cheek
now the look is complete

- kesha