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peep my words lyrics – sean price

(sean price)
i’m better than mine, sean price, remember this time
i’m all that, jaw tapped, pa, gregory hines
strapped from the wall, i got a package of raw
in the -ss crack of his wh-r- in the p-ssenger door
y’all n-gg-s is wack in this sh-t, get slapped with the four
sh-t like that be a crack in the law
can’t get knocked, better yet, can’t be shot
bust a shot at the ‘bad boy’, can’t be stopped
listen to my old sh-t, they be like ‘d-mn they hot
what happened to them n-gg-s, man, they flopped’, word
drinkin’ and smoking, vice verse, smoking and drinking
i’m hoping it’s linking, tied up, i ain’t suppose to be stinking
y’all n-gg-s is farsighted, didn’t notice the kingpin
up close in your face, bust toast in your face

(chorus: sean price)
peep my words, words, heavenly word, words
stackin’ n-gg-s locked up in the 73rd
peep my words, words, heavenly word, words
stackin’ n-gg-s locked up, locked up, locked up

(sean price)
aiyo, i’m bustin’ the cronz, call be ruckus
but sean’s the name that i choose to be called
when i’m in front of my moms
kid, what the f-ck is in front of me pa
the number one stunner ready for y’all, listen
i got little guns that’ll straight pounce ya melon
got big guns about the size of mount st. helen
soon as i punch a n-gg-, be like ‘ouch, i’m tellin'”
gotta bounce down south with welling, what up cuz
i’m sean price, watch me lead this sh-t
boot camp, no fatigue and kicks, n-gg-
y’all n-gg-s is straight fake, perpetrating the fraud
give me the cake so i insert the 8th in your broad
scared to death, n-gg-s going face to face with the lord
the amount, bang ya motherf-ckin’ face in this board
f-ck around and catch wreck in this spot, scared to go pop
heckler & koch, reckon your not, fled from the cops


- sean price