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monkey barz lyrics – sean price

aiyyo we mighty joe youngin it, thuggin it
straight from the jungle my brother, my n-gg-z banana republican
rang-a-tang slang, chewbacca not proper
two socks fulla rocks, plus the cops watch us
yo, we smoke weed, pop pills, drink liquor
redo the knowledge, read lessons, think quicker
my little n-gg-z that the boot camp wack
f-ck you paw, you can’t rap
listen let it be known, stepping on rose petals lead to the throne
i’m the motherf-cking king, getting head from this hoe
in the new estate in jersey with jay williams
drinking amstel light, shooting at clay pigeons
y’all n-gg-z is straight timid, delicate with the raps
my n-gg-z is spray midgets, elephants on they back
yo… you kidding me duke
walk around like that, you ain’t strapped, gimme ya loot
(sean p!) something like a motherf-cking phenomenon
eat your food at noon, celebrating ramadan

big barbarians, baboons with big bucks
gorillas with gats, n-gg- big ruck — (awoo!)
african apes, stackin them pap’s
i put some, crack in your steak, don’t get slapped in the face — (awoo!)
orangutan gang bangin with that purple flag
piff-puffin, there’s nothin to hurt you bad — (awoo!)
i’m boot camp for life, decept to death
the force magnum n-gg-, never forget — (awoo!)

benjamin banneker, afrika bambaataa
boom-bap-bip and yo, medulla oblongata, you.
think you nice, but i know somebody hotter
with a crackhead mother and a piece of sh-t father (sean p!)
n-gg-z tryna free mumia
i’m unravelling roach clips, tryna free this reefer
got a boot camp hat on, wu-wear shirt
funkmaster flex lugz lookin like a f-cking jerk
no money, clothes b-mmy, nose runny
bent metrocard, 4-4 blow dummies
hop on the train in front of the cops
poppin their brain, confrontin the cops
stating the facts, no hating you wack
throw the a to your back then escape with your trap, listen
my n-gg-z is back, you don’t believe me though
playing games and get caught, cocoa leave-io
hot peas and b-tter, cop trees on sumner
with your not needed mother, yo
i’m one of the best you one of the worst
gun on your chest blood on your shirt
son it’s berserk, nicca


silverback gorilla n-gg- baboon raps
ounce of ‘dro, two hoes and a black moon track
… lemme get a light man

- sean price