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like im pose to lyrics – prince scooter

yeah that’s right

uh let me you something

lil n-gg- i get money all day
work hard all night
see what ever i what
cash out on sight
see the difference is
i’m very important
that’s why your still in line
i’m going way up
you still behind
that’s why i’m making moves on my own bra
everyday getting stoned bra
black birds you can’t clone us
we all about family
that’s why it’s big money over bra
you can’t come near us
you can’t come near us

catch me riding through the city
making money like i’m pose to
and my girl looking pretty
she hold me down like she pose to
yeah yeah
that’s why
we don’t give a f-ck bout them lame n-gg-s
we gone run them dollars up
add the change with it
we switch the style up
till i can’t get enough
ain’t no way that we gone do the same sh-t
i’m a run my bands up like i’m pose to
take care of my fam bra like i’m pose to
yeah yeah yeah yeah

- prince scooter