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let me tell you lyrics – sean price

you see p you know that the four’s kept, by my side you
scared to leave from your doorstep, embrace ya satan my
n-gg-s endorse that, heat your face fixed up scalpel and
forceps, sean rambo look at my war chest, hamburger hill
bullets peelin off raw flesh, g.i. joe -ss n-gg-s, can’t
see my flow -ss n-gg-s, listen i got a bullet (bullet)
for every b-mp on your face kid, i keyliod ya neck
without doin a state bid, concrete jungle that’s where
the ape live, young n-gg-s is wack, the reason i hate
kids, young girls is sl-ts they older than stank is, fat
out of shape in the shelter with 8 kids, f-ckin welfare
check b-tches h-ll yeah i deck b-tches, chris brown

hey! hey!

n-gg-s think i’m washed up no video, no radio so you
thinkin that my squad suck, that’s outrageous p-ssport
stamped out i needed extra pages, rappers wanna battle
smack blood out your face rappers wanna tattle, hard
denim levi’s rugby is polo, my youngstas hard body, i
dress like bozo, almost ashamed to say that i rap not
because of the age it’s just the game is so wack, grown
man spttin some wild sh-t, y’all smoke home grown home
alone on some child sh-t, young n-gg-s ain’t understandin
the god well grow up a little and understand in god,
newborns learn ya lesson before ya face to face with the
black smif n wess p!

hey! hey!

- sean price