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kurt rambis lyrics – sean price

kurt rambis
take one for the team when the opponents disperse damage
never gun shy, i’m always the first brandish
pop you in the face, you ate the dirt sandwich, p
i don’t rap like the rest
the rest of y’all on that rap sh-t, put rapping to rest
original gun clap, jackers pack in their skin
i’m a couple of mushrooms away from pitching crack on the steps
that sh-t is real, real sh-t, i’m rapping for real
wrapping up bread ’til a n-gg- rap for a deal
you can be black or white and if your rapping is real
i appreciate that, mac miller is real, p
black gorilla, de ville
where i reside i smack n-gg-s and chill
defending my bars first
never respond to a f-cking kendrick lamar verse

- sean price