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king kong lyrics – sean price

(feat. rock)

p! yeah

[sean price:]
aiyyo, millionaire monkeys microphone mix masters
make money from music, the fo’-fifth faster
slap a, b-boy knock his tooth out his grill
sean price be the truth in the ‘ville, listen
if ya, knock on my door i’m c-ckin the four
free to escape from the law like -ssata shakur
for a dime a tack you can put your c-ck in a wh-r-
kinda worse when you rockin on tour, listen
groupie girls wanna lick on your d-ck
groupie guys wanna get in the flick, i’m like – f-ck you~!
give me some chips, overall they like “sean’s so ill”
who you think you is, ron o’neal? (yeah!)
allahu akbar pah scar pa on the grill
fake f-ck’s face cut when they f-ck with the real
mighty flow young, so dumb, guns is drawn
calamity, all your family, your son is mourned, one

(i punch you in your face n-gg-~!)
(who the f-ck you talkin to, who? i smack the f-ck outta you)

[chorus: rock]
crush kill and destroy them with savagery, catastrophe
dump steel, let it roar and we smashin through your ave and fleet
run you still can’t avoid it, the spazzery, the agony
battle you b-tch b-st-rds, we king kong your whole faculty!

[sean price:]
aiyyo, sean price, boot camp best
gimme the #2 pencil, watch me take the test
shake your set, break your neck, compet-tors flee
who the f-ck rhyme better than me? n-body-body
dutch in my ear, olde e in my palm
i freddy krueger your face, michael myer your moms
you botherin mine? that’s when i’m sparkin the nine
pull out the thing, flame on like, {?} in time
fan-tastic flow, connect the concepts
broke n-gg-z with beat kicks, that’s my projects
my man like “ruck, you ain’t reachin the kids”
i stuck my hand out and three-pieced his wig
i’m, doin my thing, you new to the game
don’t hate, “celebrate” pa, kool and the gang
i don’t have a big crew just {?} to ring
and a couple of loose voodoos boostin your chain

(f-ck you don’t know! i smack the sh-t out of you)
(brownsville n-gg-, what the f-ck wrong with you man?)


- sean price