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is she being tortured lyrics – the other kids

t.v. with the sound turned down
stereo’s on
i fell asleep

wake up
and i didn’t know what time it was
or if i was still dreaming
on the t.v.
two men were drinking wine
they wanted to be my friends
and on the radio
some girl was crying out
i struggled not to get excited
as she moaned
i turned back to the screen
and i knew that i’d been invited

take me
tell me
is she being tortured

she’s coming
through the speakers
as they watch me
through the screen
trying to behave
in the privacy of my own feelings
and if i should decide
to go out tonight
i’ll still feel strange
somebody’s got her on a table in chains
and i’m getting excited
should i turn off the radio and rescue her
or have i been invited
take me…

with my conscience as my guide
i’ll get out of here alive
but you know
you know that you know
you find the keys
and i’ll drive

- the other kids