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intro (jesus price) lyrics – sean price

jesus! [echoes]

[sean price:]
p! ha hah, yeah!
ha ha hah… this is my alb-m!
hah, my sh-t, jesus!

though shalt not f-ck with the four-fifth poppa
feel a thousand deaths when i drop ya
i feel for you, like chaka khan, call me sean
p-ssy when i want, i’m decepticon
wisdom with these wise words bein spoken from sean
do the knowledge, i abolish your moms
demolish your squad, let y’all n-gg-z know who did it
sean price now who’s next to get it? listen
que pasa homes? welcome to mi casa homes
te disparo en tu cara homes
n-gg-z ask what the god is about, i’m like “nothin”
meanwhile i got my manhood, in your mom’s mouth
i’m back in the game, smackin ya brain, clappin them thangs
accurate aim, sn-tchin your chain, get back on the train
traffickin thangs, package a king, crack is the name
sean is a rapper but rappin is lame, i quit~!
y’all n-gg-z can’t rap at all, smack you fall
to the ground, i bounce like basketball
sean price is the master y’all, y’all a slave to the rhythm
so after i finish rappin i whip ’em, p! [whip cracks]

[whip cracks:]
ha hah! ha hah…
jesus… this is my alb-m!

- sean price