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intro (donkey sean jr.) lyrics – sean price

[dj announcer]
and now on the wheels of steel
he’s new york’s own pf (cuttin’)
when pf spins, people listen
it’s the hot jam’s hot mix
(drum rolling)

[sean price]
“yo y’all ready for my n-gg- sean p?
make some mother”.. ya mean? yell at that b-tch!
ight. yo! you ready for my n-gg- sean p?
so make some motherf-cking noise!
(drum roll ends)

[verse snippet]
a-yo, i eat your food dawg, the eukanuba chewer
shooting my luger, you b-tch…
(scratching) a-yo, i eat your food..
a-yo… a-yo….

- sean price