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i love you (bitch) lyrics – sean price

[sean price]
ayo words can’t express the way that i feel -whistles-
yo, ya -ss is fat, ya brain is small
you slap the kids and ya chain is p-wned
you look like sh-t, you destroying yourself
heineken for breakfast–ss b-tch
you don’t even make my d-ck hard no more
gotta think about my ex to get erect
gotta take x when i’m erect
stretchmarks, t-tties lookin like prunes
f-ck you with the lights off from behind in the room
my sister told me to leave ya -ss alone, but f-ck it.

[sean price]
y’all know how i met her, we broke up & got back together
then broke up and got back together, pshh.
i love you i hate you i hate you i love you
whatever it is, do it on the strength of your kids
when i was f-cked up in the game, you held me down
i’m still f-cked up in the game and you holdin me down
listen ma, we gon’ make it
push come to shove, wrap the snub, we gon’ take it
(nah mean? i love you ma) yo, yo.
our love is like husband & wife or a brother & sister
unconditional love, even if i ain’t with ya
‘member when i f-cked up, you kicked me out of the house?
wait a minute that was yesterday!
came through the next day, started foreplaying
you asleep but why the f-ck you move ya breast this way
we ain’t meant for each other
i ain’t sh-t you ain’t sh-t, b-tch we meant for each other
fight all day, f-ck all night
ruck ain’t sh-t, but ruck all right
love my kids but got no dough
and i… love you b-tch, i’m lettin you know

- sean price