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enigma lyrics – sean price

feat. illa ghee

(verse: sean price)
formaldehyde token, purple hard, turn pit, the calamar lotion
panama smokin’, took two polls, trench coat and the big gun
big columbine yokin’, bar the floor and your apartment doors
scared, not prepared for the art of war – pen
still plan murder, bullets b-tter yo grill – ill hamburger
advance to the gunner’s heat
slug hit yo feet, make you dance to the drummer’s beat
appet-te for destruction, bigotry piece, never w-nk out for nothin’
mad drums and the cargo with heat pea
b-tch sit on your toe, harbor to beat me
f-ckin’ with me, the outcome is death
the green crack is cush, the town cook is x

(verse: illa ghee)
thirteen tech muscle in a knuckle game
hustle game, blood puddles in the sewer drain
flow shooter, soloers, deuce roogers
throwin’ bodies off the roof, i’m a booth bruiser
top seated, box in the hot remix
time is cold, so no water on my watch freezers
knockin’ girl off, have a knock meter
illa breed is a form of disease
i’mma creed of the corporate, comatoze yo office
employ to destroy yo employer bosses
f-ck everybody that illa is reinforcements (?)
redefine lines for street killa endors-m-nts
i rap like an indoor wall, smokin’ indoor
my pen like a swim offsh-r-
yeah, i’m c-cky, i’m oxy, i’m out of it
the black rocky, eulogy, body ?

- sean price