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drug$ iii lyrics – taz

put this blunt to my lips and
light it while slowly wishin
for a new day new way to say
the things i never did and
hoping ill find you in this
life cause i need consistence
i can’t keep waking up alone
i want you here to kiss and
hold and support and live with
to this i hope you listen
remember everytime i close my eyes
its you envisioned
you are the thing thats missin
you are the drink im sipping
you are my favorite everything
you make this life worth living
for you ill work at this and
not quit and be persistent
for you ill try to be the best i can
just know that it is
true that i love u
with all of my worthless existence
no need to cry no more im here with you
together in this…

woah woah
woah woah
i can feel the pain
i can feel the blood as it leaves my brain
i can feel the rush as it pierce the vein
i can feel the hush when you see my name
woah woah
woah woah
ive been here before
can’t see you leave again shed tears again
but here we know
that you are here with me and i am here for you
ill work thru every single problem conquer fears for you
for you
for you

hold it
you can see it that im broken
even if no words are spoken i try so hard not to show it
but you know it
and thats why i break down in tears
when you grab me by my shoulders say no matter what im here
can’t believe it
im so used to people leaving
used to question why i wake up
till i realizes youre the reason
and its
to think how in love i am with you
but knowing for the rest of my life i get to hold hands with you
im sorry if i ever made it seem that i was changing
i went crazy in this studio writing while i was waiting
when you came back to my life and i knew that we both still felt the same
knowing we could heal eachother knowing we both felt the pain
loss, hurt, sadness
loneliness, madness
isolation, desperation
addictions n habits
but youre here with me now and it almost makes me sad
being with u gets me higher than any drug ive had

- taz