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drip from my walk (g-mix) lyrics – lor ceejay

(intro: lor ceejay)
lor ceejay
young grav
i get the drip from my walk

(verse 1: lor ceejay)
sauce game on chef status, know you see drip
i been out here in these trenches
ask a neighbour, ask a friend
mixing up designer, i just call that sh-t a blend
i rock gucci on my waist to hold the pistol on my hip
i put gas in my dutch
i put syrup in my cup
i put this d-ck in yo b-tch, i think she falling in love
i put them racks on your shorty, put your shorty on them drugs
and i’m feeling like test because “n-gg- i am the plug”

(interlude: young grav)
young grav, man

(verse 2: young grav)
i got that drip ain’t gonna flop
he just mad cause his b-tch gave me top
i’m just dragging they want me to stop
double g gang we drip on ya block
try taking a dollar get shot
i’m dripping that’s something y’all not
haters try to cop what i got
might serve the fiend straight out the pot
i stay wit the ice, i be drippy
i just copped me a rollie, esket-t
they mad they don’t live how i’m living
cause b-tch i get straight to them digits
b-more know i come from them trenches
got tools i ain’t talking no wrenches
he come for young g boy he reckless
the price of your whip on my necklace
dragging hoe what you expected?
the way i be dripping can’t check this
y’all rappers be acting dyslexic
i rub up a check on some next sh-t
i got that drip when i walk
these p-ss-es can’t hear when they talk
he come to my city act lost
i cop it don’t look at the cost
b-tch in this trench i’m a boss
i’m balling i feel like john wall
you bluffing, i’m stunting, y’all frauds
b-tch i get the drip when i walk
i get the drip b-tch i’m on
i just called up the plug bought it all
your future i spent on the watch
feel like dex b-tch i’m turnt, i can’t stop
know i hop in the booth and go off

(outro: lor ceejay)

- lor ceejay