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dollar lyrics – king sko

[dont call my phone if you ain’t bout a dollar
i ain’t bout a b-tch but im all bout a dollar
i got ha number but didn’t even call ha
i buy what i want just because ima baller] (x4)

verse 1:
b-tch im a baller
you see im a baller
you know i got gwalla
so im the shot caller
stack it up high
make my gwalla look taller
try me while im high
i will pull out dat choppa
you n-gg-s my sons
and i feel like the father
you finished or done
cause i wouldn’t even bother
murder weapon
b-tch i tote the revolver
i keep it stepping
kicking sh-t like its soccer
probably somewhere
trynna f-ck on yo daughter
or standing at the store
getting dollar fa dollar
dollar fa dollar
she holler fa dollars
ha body for dollars
she just want dat gwalla
only want green
like my pockets is callard
so fresh and so clean
b-tch im popping my callar
you just a talker
b-tch u ain’t no walker
b-tch you ain’t no waka
send u to the doctor
what is yo price
cause im taking da offer
you might lose yo life
i got money like scholars
these n-gg-s hating
my heart is so shallow
im plotting im waiting
my safe like a locker
dressed in all black
b-tch i feel like a robber
this money i make
make me talk a lil proper
diamonds so clean
b-tch my wrist in the water
might sound a lil mean
if you ain’t bout dollars

:: hook ::

(dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar)

- king sko