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do you see her soul? lyrics – marek

[intro: sample]
’cause you know in the long run
it’ll always be me who will come back and apologize
and say, “baby i’m sorry, it’s all my fault”
so all i have to say about that is
i truly believe that love

[verse 1]
do you believe in love?
do you believe in us?
i know you see that this time, i have been keeping up
i look and see that your smile willingly creeping up
you cooking dinner but girl, i’d rather eat you up
you promise cake after dinner, that we don’t need to cut
but it’s not ready right now, we gotta heat it up
i’m straight beaming, i’m feeding ya then i’m cleaning up
dishes inside the sink, it’s just pleasing the needs of each of us
’cause you gotta have three meals a day
when your soul is getting fed by every bite that you take
and that’s not something that a lot of people think
they be prowling like a panther tryna get into the pink
they be browsing what they gathered like it’s words up out a sink
put a thousand on a platter, grab a p-ssy then a drink, aye
that’s just not how i operate
ego eating is always main

- marek