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do better lyrics – prezi

[hook x2{
i put my trust in a b-tch when i knew better. hit that lick when i knew better. f-cked with them n-gg-s when i knew better. family telling me to do better. ima do better. (ima do better)

[verse 1]
f-cked around with them n-gg-s when i ain’t have to. momma told me be cool them n-gg-s bad news. put my trust in a b-tch and she f-gged to. commissary every week and she ain’t bring the bag through. i’m back now. most of these n-gg-s got ho tendencies. she say she love me but you know just how these b-tches be. murder charges cuz you know just how these snitches be. sh-t’ll drive you crazy if you ain’t prepared mentally. touch down i wasn’t going for no field goal too much on the line cuz me and my daughter real close. i knew better who think they f-cking with me? had my homies brothers with me sh-t ain’t nothing to me. collecting money for lee. until my n-gg- get back. you said you loved him sh-t got tough where you n-gg-s was at? you knew better you’d do better some n-gg-s faking. caught up in your old ways you n-gg-s ancient

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
re-evaluating what’s important to me. free my n-gg-s f-ck a judge we hold court in the streets. i was born into beef. no sucka sh-t cuz i ain’t into that. sitting in that cell i was whipping meals through a garbage bag. tapping in with bruh checking in on the progress cuz them suckas slid through and the homies ain’t sliding. talking body for body but n-gg-s ain’t trying. dropped them charges in the courtroom and mom started crying. n-gg-s acting like b-tches with my name up in their mouth. i’m counting up this chicken while n-gg-s counted me out. said i’m moving different the moment they let me out but i went and copped a fifty as soon as they let me out. b-tches tapping in they begging to take me out. but i can’t trust a soul cuz i’m mapping my every route. n-gg-s say it’s love but i know they hating. n-gg-s claim they real but they really faking

[hook x2]

- prezi