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directors cut lyrics – sean price

[sean price:]

yeah, the feeling is mutual
you hate me, i hate you, this the part where i shoot at you
(alright in this scene, the rapper resists you
here’s the gun, annnnnnnnnnnnnd action!)
aiyyo, idle threats from you rappers don’t move me
i know tough and y’all n-gg-z straight out the movies
(and cut~! that was a good one, that was a good one
let’s get ready for the next shot)
shorty, you treat it with cl-ss, i treat it like dirt
i put my, d-ck in the -ss and my hand in the purse, p!
… oh i can f-ck you in yo’ -ss, f-ck around and catch somethin
… but i can’t get no motherf-ckin call
aiyyo, it’s nothin to throw the gat to you guys, i wouldn’t do it cause
rattin at an all-time high, you probably do it
… y’all n-gg-z talk too much man, sign a statement
… affadavit–ss n-gg-z man, feh
y’all motherf-ckers weak and you frail, i’m no fool
i went to war with the ricans in jail, i’m old school
… peace to ike, oz, agallah
… my man pf cuttin, all my spanish n-gg-z, whattup?
matter fact, i took your sneakers in jail
cut your cheek, blood skeet, next week i make bail, p!
… word up, hehehe, fresh new airs
… the white and burgundy ones
yo chillin in the city is hard
n-gg-z bugged out, livin like the city of god
… understand

- sean price