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dear bruce (if flashpoint batman was a rapper) lyrics – trav b ryan

[verse 1]
hey son
i don’t even know where to start
it feels like you right here
even though we’re time lines apart
you are my hero
you are my beacon of hope
you are the reason i stay up
every time i hit the rope
i wish i could kiss you at night
and tell you your heart would never be broke
but fate is a beautiful girl
and this is not all that she wrote
i wish i could see the man you’ve become
i know it’s way better then me
i’ve heard you been fighting the good fight
and doing way better than me

[verse 2]
i’m so happy
now a days hardly
you grew up way too fast
and for that i am sorry
i should have saved you
i should have saved myself
alfred i thank you
he was your father when n-body else was
now you’re a hero
look at you now
funny how life is, right?
in both time lines i let you down
but look at you now
i am so proud
you mother says “hi.”
she can’t talk right now

but right now i don’t believe in my own self
i feel like shooting my own self
you know me better than anyone else
i am an angel [in all] h-ll
plus i am fighting my own h-ll
the world is against me, no help
you are my hope, no one else
you keep me happy, no one else
i need you to go
stop reading this letter and get it together
‘cuz i know you cryin’
by imma keep fighting no matter the weather
we’ll get together
i’ll meet you someday
and if we don’t
don’t worry ’bout me
don’t worry what happens to me

imma keep fightin’ for you!

imma keep fightin’ for you
imma keep fightin’ for you
(fightin’ for you, fightin’ for you, yeah)
imma keep fightin’ for you
(fightin’ for you, fightin’ for you, yeah)

i am
still here
for you
i hope all your nights are brighter than mine

- trav b ryan