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dave winfield lyrics – sean price

i’m searchin’ around with a message for my people
began as mc and became this tight ‘
lot o mcs in the game are let down
i might smack your face at gp
‘lack of n-gg-,better hit the big cage rapper
bang!sh-lls bring wind sh-lls
i could smack your face off
what the h-ll ?david winfield
i will stab your father
slight your face up
magna ‘
yes,piece sketch drawn
‘pop the face of the b-st-rd
not if i’m killing you

‘my state of the mind is a f-cking mistake
my flow’s radiation
i f-ck more than did’
pull them to the chamber
i check jaws for daggers
rap drugs are all over my angle
but it’s all anger
criminal dialect, i devastate danger
fighting to a force ranger
2 pieces and i’ll leave blood on your clothes
‘to the left over range of your pillows
ain’t nothing gonna stop me

- sean price