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dan (prod.shamana) lyrics – nitro dong

yuh x8
dan (nun nun nun nun nun nun)
dan curtin (nun nun nun nun nun nun)
dan (laughing)
dan (laughing)
dan (that’s my n-gg- dan curtin)
dan curtin
dan curtin
(ooh yeah unh yeah pull up pull up)
dan curt-
(six seconds when i whip up ooh ooh)
dan curtin
(six seconds with my wrist)
dan curtin
wrist on dan curtin
wrist on dan!
wrist on dan curtin
wrist on dan!
six seconds whipping up the pot c-ke in this
(six seconds)
whip it
dan curtin (rest in peace)
rest in peace
dan curtin (rest in peace)
took away his vine
took away good times (dan!)
took away the smiles
from my f-cking child (crying)
this sh-t was so f-cked up
when they shut him down
what the f-ck
rest in peace my n-gg- dan curtin. (what the fu-)
i miss my n-gg- dan
i really miss my n-gg-
my girl is dead
i miss her (i really miss)
miss dan curtin
why they shut him down? (they took his vines)
i really miss my ni- dan
say good day
but they shut him down
how dare
my n-gg- dan
i miss my n-gg-

- nitro dong