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d i a b l o lyrics – dj murci


yah, what it do
yah, let loose
yah, i’ll come through
yah, what’s the move
yeah, yeah

{verse 1}
lately i’ve been -n-lyzing the facade
and i’ve realized that they ain’t got what i want
but i’m bringing it and been bringing it since i was five
but now everybody seems to want what i got
been brainwashed to stand up and put my hand to my chest
or else i’m a traitor to my country but i digress
i don’t care though this country is messed up and unstable
spending to get out of debt but the rainbow
flag, is more important than my rights to a better life?
come at me correct when i’m rapping
i know my flow is tight
if i say you got it then you know i’m right
don’t ever let me come for your life
leave a taste so bitter that your mouth turns dry
hey, yeah i know i’m on fire
leave behind your thirst and your desires
i’ll make sure i stand behind ’em
live out every moment you’re fantasizing
give me something more to work with
nah, nevermind you’ve proved you’re worthless
you want the money got to work trick
you want the truth don’t go to church sis
and listen
can’t n-body do it better
they looking to me like i got the cheddar
but if i were to fall out
she all broke now
i’m on top, are you any better?

yah, what it do
yah, let loose
yah, i’ll come through
yah, what’s the move
yeah, yeah

{verse 2}
i’m doing wheelies on my bentley
can’t n-body tell me about anything
chop the top off make that a hemi
ugh, and now i don’t care how you are feeling
nah, getting lit like it’s friday
ayo man this ain’t for no party
i’m ’bout to go ham in my city
then i’m going to go ham on the building
yah, living in a concrete jungle
how is this better?
we’re destined for a tumble
down to the bottom
and we ain’t coming back up
a repeat of egypt
i’m on more than a come up, listen
what are you gonna do about it
are you up to face the challenge
i’m about to wake up
everyone who slept on me
and the morals that i came from
m60 with the .50 cal
do i need it? not yet
i’m going off my faith
and if you knew your own fate
we wouldn’t have to come back and take the yokes away
listen, it’s time to go to war
so that we don’t have to fight anymore
bless black americans
what are you gonna do about it?
are you up face the challenge
if you won’t i will
and before you know it i’ll be out of here

- dj murci