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chain on my neck lyrics – lil flamingo

chain on my neck ice, chain on my neck froze
i got yo b-tch in phone.. tell that b-tch leave me alone
i got my money its foreign, gotta bad b-tch and she foreign
cash stackeed its enormous, ya ya b-tch say i’m gorgeous

p-ssy wet like some fiji, i f-cked ya b-tch last weekend
i’m sorry thats the worse news ever
i got gold on my necklace like some m-th-f-ckin treasure
(b-tch i got b-tches)
like hugh f-ckin heffner (yea) i got cash in my jeans
run up on me got my beam, and i’m really sippin lean
got tattoos on m-th-f-ckin arms
ya aye i’m the m-th-f-ckin bomb
i’m the bomb like osama (aye) (yuh)
i got cash like a llama (aye)
b-tch i don’t need the drama
b-tch i’m balling every weekend
b-tch i’m feeling like obama (aye)


- lil flamingo