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bar-barian lyrics – sean price

i don’t want to dougie
i just want money
studied under the understudy the one-twenty
young dummies, can’t spar
my flow tight, like your pants are
you don’t got a chance, pa
malachi york fric-sse, yo, f-ck a eulogy
f-ck jewelry; what jewelry?
i took this from another rapper
slapped him with the toolie,
cornball rappers, i see you on bet
relieved of their jewelry, interview beef dvd
p tnt, the flow dynamite
n-gg-s so-so, bozos ain’t rhyming right
i hit a line of white, i smoke a dub of green
n-gg-s call it purple — what the f-ck you mean?
f-ck a fistfight, i’m gunning you rappers
i don’t give a f-ck about none of y’all rappers
fifth spray sh-t, the piff stay lit
my b-tch stay dipped with the richard bey t-ts
n-gg-s say sh-t, they say it ain’t sh-t
shut the f-ck up n-gg-, i’m nothing to play with
p, i bust heaters at your whole d-mn clique — blow!
sean price, the leader of boot camp clik now
admire the admirable animal rap
smack the sh-t out of a n-gg- and hand him his hat
banging on wax, n-gg-s don’t bang in the street
banging online, n-gg-s don’t bang in the street
playing for keeps, keep playing
i slam your -ss on your face til your f-cking teeth breaking
p — the jerk that retired; i’m nice so i’m back, n-gg-s
smack earth, wind, fire, and ice out that n-gg-
rap n-gg-s, i doubt if there’s
n-gg- doing it like me, f-ck outta here

- sean price