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back roads of my mind lyrics – southern raiders band

back roads of my mind

i can still see that ole crooked clothes line

sheets blowing in the warm sunshine
grandpa with his fiddle on the front porch swing
i can still recall those sweet melodies and memories

putting pennies on the rail road track
watching old number 8 mash em’ flat
pickin teams for a baseball game
the night fishing in the muddy lake

a new tractor was the talk of the town
a crowd gathered just to see how she plowed
i’ve left that simple life miles behind
i can still walk through those times . . .on the back roads of my mind

holidays were a favorite time
easter morning found us waiting in line
outside the church house in our sunday’s best
the doors would open and we’d march up the steps
preacher taught me about jesus
his daughter taught me about first love
i still go back there every once in a while
yea i still drive by . . .on the back roads of my mind

and out on this highway life goes by in a blink of an eye
so now and then i take a detour to a place where precious memories flood my mind

i woke up from a dream last night
could of swore i heard the sound of sweet music
grandpa’s fiddle in the moonlight
well i spent some time
on those back roads . . .the back roads of my mind

- southern raiders band