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amy’s man lyrics – southern raiders band

amy’s man

lying in my bedroom i glance outside

children playing in the bright sunshine
summer breeze blows a cold chill
to remind me you’re still not here
i think of your smile and some words you said
about a pageant you had the other day
wish i could have been there i really do
i’d do anything to be with you

can i see you or call you on the phone
should i send you a letter or just leave you alone
i have some words to say to you and i hope you’ll understand
in my world i want to be ame’s man

i look in the clouds i can see your face
no one in the world can take your place
i try so hard to be a friend
i don’t think you realize the mess i’m in
i’ve never met anyone as perfect as you
cause you are all things and all things are you

i walked in a rainstorm the other day
poured down rain but i walked anyway
a rainbow appeared in the sky so bright
i prayed to have you by my side
pushing the limits pressing my luck
since i met you i just can’t give up
once in a lifetime is all we get
to meet that person we’ll never forget

oh in my world i got to be ame’s man

i wrote this song especially for you
it’s a little simple but all of it’s true
you hold my heart in your precious hands
all i ever want is to be your man

- southern raiders band